Trusted React/Node.js Consultancy

Trusted React/Node.js Consultancy




How we work

Focus Reactive is a team of skilled engineers
and tech leaders, providing hands-on expertise
to startups and scale-up businesses

Our mission is to deliver quality software with a focus on quality, scalability and performance. Thanks to our consultants' high degree of seniority (9.5 years average experience), we help our clients achieve more by using proven industry solutions tailored to their business needs. Our solutions are uniquely adapted to your team, ensuring lasting results even after our work is done.

At FocusReactive, our experts are deeply invested in the JavaScript community, and our involvement with open source contributions, world-class event organization, and continuous learning ensure we are at the forefront of developments in the JS world.

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    Project Kickoff

    We are well-versed in building projects from scratch, from architecting and choosing the right technology through launching your product live, offering continuous support for every phase. Whether you are building an MVP to exhibit your new business idea or are scaling up an existing product, it is important to make the right engineering decisions early.
    Hiring a ready-made squad from FocusReactive can help you achieve your goals on the most efficient timeline.

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    Technical Leadership

    We believe in leading by example. We work hand in hand with your team throughout the course of the project, providing training and helping you build the strongest tech platform foundation. We embrace agile practices, and our deep integration with your team enables us to overcome any potential challenges and maximize our impact.

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    Efficient On-site / remote working model

    Our teams are based in London, Amsterdam, and Moscow, conferring both the benefits of an on-site leadership presence and the scalability of remote models. By leveraging years of experience working with distributed teams, we deliver a seamless experience, integrating perfectly with the client organization to maximize efficiency.
    With the right amount of work travel for important project phases and an always-present, on-site architect on the team, your business will benefit from better cost-to-value ratio without sacrificing quality..

Robert @ React Amsterdam

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React Amsterdam Main Hall

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Denis @ Google Dev Fest

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React Advanced Workshop

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Embedded teams,
growth support,
or project-based work

Embedded teams,
growth support,
or project-based work

We offer engagement options for every kind of project and company, ranging from deep integration with your existing engineering team or supporting it's expansion, to project-focused work in collaboration with your product manager and designers.

However we collaborate, we regularly align expectations with both the business and existing engineering teams. Continuous support of the technical products we deliver and the right amount of documentation ensure a smooth transition following project completion.

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Mobile +44 208 935 5328. London, Amsterdam, Moscow, Remote.

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